College Awards

While the colleges exist to help students integrate within the Monash Community, there is more to it than that. The College Awards recognise those talented individuals who contribute to the spirit and the prestige of their college. In the past, a single college was awarded for the highest number of members at events. Going forward, the non-residential colleges will recognise the variety of ways members and advisors can contribute to building that sense of university community.

College Awards

This set of awards is given to a college due to the collective teamwork put in by the members of the college:

The College Cup

Determined by: The combined number of points accrued from members attending events.

Member attendance at each college event, cluster catch-up and weekly sporting session accrues members 5 points per attendance.

The Prometheus Award

Determined by: The Weighted Average Mark of all members combined and averaged out. This can only be determined with the average mark to date.

Named for the Titan that stole fire from the gods and gave the knowledge of it to humans. In recognition of our colleges’ commitment to helping our members achieve the highest grade in their units. The Prometheus Award goes to the college with the greatest commitment to their members’ academic pursuits.

The Humanitarian Award

Determined by: The collective total of monies and/or efforts donated to charity through college events. Fundraiser pages can make this easier to determine.

This award is given to the college that does the most for charity. If pursuing money, then it is the highest amount that can be raised. If through volunteering, then it is the greatest possible amount of volunteers or hours committed to the event.

Member Awards

This set of awards is given to individual members as a result of their participation within the colleges and the non-residential program:

The Spirit Award

Each college will have its own award to give out named around its mascot:

Orion The Bold Hunter Award
Centaurus The Valiant Centaur Award
Ursa The Heart of the Bears Award

Determined by: Advisors fill out a nomination form stating reasons as to why that particular member deserves the award. The final application will be decided upon by the Heads of College.

In every college there will be that one member that helps facilitate that sense of community and makes people feel welcome. For other colleges, it might be that member that is the living example of what the college set out to do. This award is for that person.

The ‘Time Turner’ Award

Determined by: Members and/or Advisors nominate a person who has committed to a wide range of extra-curricular activities. This needs to be more than just being a member of a club, but an active volunteer, committee member or part of a Monash program. Proof of commitment may be sought from finalists.

This is for that member who really got into the Monash community in a big way; so much so they need a Time Turner to keep up with all their commitments.

Advisor Award

The ‘Infinity and Beyond’ Award

Determined by: This award will be voted on by fellow advisors to the advisor who has gone above and beyond their commitments to create a supportive environment for the college.

Portfolio Award

Best Event of the Year

Determined by: Member vote, awarded to the portfolio team that delivered the event. This can be nominated for an event aimed at all three colleges, or a single college.

This award goes to recognise the hard work put on by our advisors in delivering events.

Other Awards

The ‘In the Line of Duty’ Award

To the member/advisor who suffered the most amount of injuries during the year during social sport.