Social Sports

Though the non-residential colleges have much to offer in terms of socialising, community awareness and academic support, we’re proud to claim a strong tradition of sporting excellence at all levels from beginner to champion. From serious competition in futsal (indoor soccer), and netball, to casual fun like scavenger hunts and the Colour Dash, and the fierce friendly rivalries of the College Clash and Mini-Olympics, we’ve got something for everyone.

The Clayton non-residential colleges field teams for the Social Sport Competition at Monash University every semester. In 2016, we have assembled teams composed of members from all three colleges.

Your college will cover $85 registration fee for the semester as well as equipment hire fees, but the weekly game fee is split amongst the players.

Sport Day and time Cost (per team, per game)
Netball Tuesday, 5:30pm onwards $50
Futsal (Indoor Soccer) Thursday, 6:00pm onwards $46
Basketball Thursday, 7:00pm onwards $50
Dodgeball Friday, 12:00pm – 2:00pm $24

Basketball: Captained by Simon (Orion), Wayne (Centaurus) and Sunny (Ursa)

Dodgeball: Captained by Cherie (Orion), Prathu (Centaurus), and Menake and Michael (Ursa)

Futsal (Indoor Soccer): Captained by David (Orion), Cristian (Centaurus) and Heidi (Ursa)

Netball: Captained by Peter (Orion), Amelia (Centaurus) and Ja (Ursa)

All members from all colleges who are interested in playing social sport with us are encouraged to join our Facebook group where we play hype man and cheer squad for each other, as well as discuss the fixtures and team rosters.

You can register your interest in participating using the form below, or by clicking this link.