The Caulfield Colleges

There are currently three non-residential colleges at Monash Uni’s Caulfield Campus, each named after a constellation.

Pegasus College


Established in 2013, Pegasus College was the first non-residential college at Caulfield Campus.

Pegasus College is represented by the Pegasus, a winged horse from Greek mythology. Their motto is ‘fly to new heights’, and with your fellow Pegasi you will be encouraged to do exactly that. The pegasus values peace and wisdom.

Pegasus College won the College Cup in 2013 against the Clayton based teams, and hope to fly to new heights by adding another cup to their collection in 2018.

Phoenix College


Following the success of Pegasus College, another non-residential college was introduced at Caulfield in 2014.

Phoenix College is represented by the phoenix, a mythological bird known for its ability to rise from the ashes. Their motto is ‘Ascensio: to rise’, which is fitting because with your fellow firebirds you will find the strength to rise up and make positive changes in your life. The phoenix is a symbol of new beginnings.

Phoenix College won the Caulfield College Cup in 2014 and 2015 and 2017. They hope to prove their dominance by making 2018 yet another victory for the firebirds.

Auriga College


The newest Caulfield based college is Auriga, which was created in 2016.

Auriga translates to ‘the charioteer’, and is represented by a man riding a chariot. Auriga College’s motto is ‘I shall find or make a path,’ and with your fellow Aurigans you will find the determination to pursue your goals. Chariots are often thought to be symbols of power and glory.

Although they are the youngest college, Auriga already have glory to their name. They won the Caulfield College Cup in 2016, and hope to start a new winning streak in 2018.