Social Sports

Love sport? The non-residential colleges have you covered! Each semester the colleges participate in the College Clash, a battle between the non-residential colleges that features a number of fun sports games such as tug-of-war, an egg and spoon race, and paper plane throwing. There is also a dodgeball competition.

Monash Soccer Team: Non-Residential Colleges

Additionally, the Non-Residential Colleges have their own team in Monash’s Social Sports Competition. Currently at Caulfield, the colleges have teams for basketball, netball, and futsal (indoor soccer). Teams play once per week, and the members of each team stay the same throughout the semester.

People of all skill levels are welcome to join the teams, including those who haven’t played before.

Monash Netball Team: Non-Residential Colleges

Costs: The colleges cover the team registration fee and equipment hire fees, however the weekly game fee is split among the players.

How to apply: applications for the 2018 teams aren’t open yet.

If you would like an email notification when applications open, click here to fill out our expression of interest form.

Membership to the teams is for Monash non-residential college members only. Not a member yet? Click here to apply.