Clayton Colleges Issue #3 is live!

Constellation Chronicle Clayton Edition

The pointy end of semester approaches, and in the lead-up to June the Clayton edition of the Constellation Chronicle has started feeding exam tips, tricks, and advice to its subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed yet (get on that!) you can read the new Clayton edition of the newsletter online here.

Big Overseas Bash Trivia Night at Sir John’s

MUISS Big Overseas Bash Trivia NightAs a fitting conclusion to the Around the World Festival the Monash University International Student Society (MUISS) will be hosing its famous Big Overseas Bash (BOB Night) on Wednesday 27th of April. Dress up as your favourite TV character and enjoy a night of games and trivia. Various types of food & a non-alcoholic punch will be provided with other drinks available at MSA prices.

Tickets are $10 for MSA members and $15 for non-members, and can be purchased at MSA Reception in the Campus Centre or online via the MSA Portal.

Zedtown postponed!

Zedtown: DeadlandsSo, basically two days after we excitedly told you about Zedtown, the real-world zombie survival game, we found out that it has been postponed until Semester Two. On the bright side, the delay will bring down the price of tickets by almost half! Keen zombie hunters who have already purchased a ticket will be given a full refund, and can purchase new tickets at the discounted price once the new date has been finalized.

The Clayton Colleges don’t want their members to miss out on a mid-April activity, so they’ve banded together to get some new events on the plate– and launched them with a giveaway!

The giveaway was won in no short order by Nick Chester and Vanessa Chen of Centaurus College, and Jacob Konigson of Orion College. Though the prizes are no longer up for grabs, you can still read the newsletter addendum online here. Gutted you missed out? Well, you’ve got to be in it to win it– so subscribe today!