Centaurus College Blood Drive

Australian Red Cross Blood Service

By popular demand, Centaurus College will be organising a Cluster vs Cluster blood drive! We know that some of you will have to wait a while, so the blood drive for this year will run until October. This event will have the college eligible to win the Humanitarian Award at the end of the year.

Blood donors can donate once every 12 weeks, while plasma donors can donate once every 2 weeks.

To have your donation count towards your cluster’s total, follow the instructions in this handy flyer. Incidentally, the Blood Donor Van is coming to Monash University Clayton Campus on Monday 18th of April and will be at the Science Center, 8 Scenic Boulevard (right near JP’s Espresso Lab).

To make an appointment, please visit www.donateblood.com.au. There are only 16 spots available so get in quick!

For everyone else, there are heaps of donor centers around the state and you can find one near you at the above link!